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 Rip Off Artists

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PostSubject: Rip Off Artists   Rip Off Artists EmptyApril 30th 2010, 7:12 pm

So, ramen, onehalfap and I have been disputing on whether or not the first line of the song is "I'm black and blue...." In an attempt to resolve this issue, I searched through other lyrics websites other than the one I use (LyricsMode). Now, mind you, I was basically the first to publicly post lyrics for the song anywhere. After a few hours, others had posted numerous versions of the lyrics I completely disagree with. I used a certain grammatical style NOBODY else used--especially noticeable when I use a colon instead of a comma in the chorus. As I said, I was looking through other sites today, and many have EXACT COPIES of mine! I mean, what nerve!

Basically, I want you to tell me whether I should feel offended or honored at these unrighteous acts.


This is kind of funny. As I said, I am absolutely POSITIVE they have ripped off my lyrics. Tjis site, however, is somewhat outdated. They have my "prototype" lyrics I had posted around to get feedback and corrections: http://www.musicsonglyrics.com/let-me-hear-you-scream-lyrics-ozzy-osbourne.html

You can tell it's mine because it uses my sad mistake of the word "girl" instead of "go," AND it uses the same grammar sequence.


Now I'm really mad! LyricsMode allows users to receive credit for posting lyrics, but many of these sites don't do the same. I just found two websites with my lyrics giving credit to someone else! There was one giving to "MalibuMan, posted 4/29/10" and another posted by site admin. DARN YOU PEOPLE!

On the bright side, it seems my lyrics are the original mostly-accepted ones. Although there's still the determination of the first (or second, depending on how you look at it) line....

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Rip Off Artists
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