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 Pittsburgh 09-10 Roster

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PostSubject: Pittsburgh 09-10 Roster   Pittsburgh 09-10 Roster EmptyMarch 9th 2010, 3:47 pm

Check out our all-stars this year (You'll be missed, Harrison):
-Randel El! that's right, Washington, we took him back! All-star duo Hines Ward and Antwan Randel El back in business!!!

As we all know, Steelers perform terribly the year after the Superbowl. After that, however, we get better and rise through the ranks. It's a specific pattern. Superbowl Win, FAIL, Lose in Playoffs, Lose in Playoffs, Lose in Playoffs, Superbowl Win, FAIL.... With our roster coming to again, we might actually make it to the finals! It's gonna be tough without our defense (Foote, Harrison, Farrior; Used to be number 1 in the NFL).

Redskins, as usual, are gonna fail.

Jawaharlal, I'm gavrelle.
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Pittsburgh 09-10 Roster
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